Zhongde Fertilizer

Zhongde Fertilizer (Yantai) Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies of new fertilizer with production, R&D, marketing and service in China, formed an integrated production-supply-marketing strategic layout, under the support of five factories respectively in Yantai, Taocun, Heze, Dezhou and Changchun, annual output is more than 1 million tonnes.


We provide customers with a broad of high quality product portfolio according to the highest quality standards, including compound fertilizers, BB fertilizers, organic-inorganic fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, biological organic fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers and so on.


We are also one professional exclusive territorial distributor of imported fertilizers in China, just like: potash from K+S Kali GmbH, compound fertilizers from Eurochem, water soluble SOP from Tessenderlo, water soluble fertilizers from Biolchim and Compo, and so on.